VC Speech

Prof Ayandiji Daniel - Caleb Vice Chancellor
Prof. Ayandiji Daniel - Vice Chancellor
TITLE: The Place of the PHD Degree in An Academic Career

I thank the organizers of this Workshop for inviting me to present this Keynote. I presume that Professor Olukoya Ogen, rather than Dr. Insa Nolte, knowing that I spent donkey years on my PhD programme, felt that I was better qualified to speak on this subject than those who sped through theirs in half the time I took. It is possible, of course, that the organizers of this Workshop had other considerations besides that dubious distinction. The important point is that this is a forum for sharing experiences, both salutary and unsavoury, and I hope that all of us shall be better educated at the end of the day. To return to my experience, the good news is that I did deliver the thesis after all, some six months to my promotion to Senior Lecturer! By divine favour, I was teaching, publishing and rising through the ranks with my, even earning an accelerated promotion to Lecturer I, while working on the PhD. The higher degree had become a requirement for further promotion by the time I got it. But I can assure you from my own experience – which others could learn from – that adversity does have its uses. I now speak briefly on “The Place of the PhD Degree in an Academic Career.”