Caleb signs MOU with Health Assur

Health Assure, a Health Management Organization (HMO), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Caleb University.

According to the Deputy Registrar (Establishment), Mrs Oluwaseye Olukoju, “all members of staff should take full advantage of this free medical service. “we are grateful to the University Management for taking care of the cost 100%, hence there will be no salary deduction for this strategic medicare”.

“This is no doubt a good development and members of staff are happy about it. In case of emergency, all you need to do is show up at the accredited hospital, which you have earlier chosen. You can enjoy this service anywhere you are in the country, as long as you are with your card”.

Mrs Olukoju stressed that “the University did its background check and affirmed that Health Assure is a credible HMO, hence employees, especially the Junior Staff, will have better access to medicare. This, according to the seasoned University Administrator “will ultimately enhance productivity. We hope to record less request for sick leave”.

The DR (Establishment) solicits the cooperation of all to make the collaboration achieve its fundamental objectives.


  • List of staff is required for Eligibility of enrollee (for Invoicing and payment).
  • You need to complete your registration form from establishment office
  • Passport Photograph is required for ID card production and complete Registration (which is produce within 2weeks of successful registration
  • The ID cards should be taken with you each time you go to the hospital.
  • Confirm your registered hospital from Establishment Department, call the number at the back of your ID card or confirm from our enrollee portal.
  • Our hospitals work for 24hours all week.
  • Go to your registered hospital
  • Approach the front desk and present your Health Assur ID card
  • See the Doctor and get a prescription on the hospital letterhead letter if need be for secondary care (Dental, optical)or required to see specialist (Dermatologist, Orthopedic Surgeon etc)  as the hospital will refer you or contact us for referral details. A referral form will be given by the primary  hospital to the enrollee then the enrollee presents at the secondary provider with the form.
  • You may be required to complete an encounter form
  • If you encounter any difficulty whilst in the hospital, call the contact number at the back of your health Assur enrollee ID card
  • Go to your any of our registered pharmacy, present your Health Assur ID card and prescription notes from your hospital
  • The pharmacy will confirm the validity of your scheme (in case of known allergies conflicting with medication, the pharmacy could prescribe alternative medication.
  • In the case where the prescribed drugs is not readily available, it cab be delivered to the enrollees residence at no additional cost.

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