Caleb Institutional Synergy Retreat 2020

Caleb group of school synergy retreat
Dr. Ola Adebogun

Have a thorough knowledge of people you are working with” – Dr. Ola Adebogun.

Caleb Group of Schools and University held its first maiden institutional synergy retreat for top and strategic leaders of the group.

The Proprietor and Visitor, Dr. Oladega Adebogun who delivered the keynote address at the retreat spoke about “Visionary Tips for Leadership”.

He appreciated the effort of staff and how God has been using them, remarking “it is important to note that 2020 is a special year. Twenty over twenty is equal to hundred percent. It is a year of perfection and God will perfect all that concerns you all in Jesus name.”

Dr. Oladega Adebogun said ‘You can plan success, reading from Hebrew 6:11 and Habakkuk2:2“And the lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain upon table that he may run that readeth it.”  Success is predictable because life is determined by your success. Failure is also predictable. God designed everything he created to be successful. You can never see a bird that cannot fly naturally, just as you cannot see fish that cannot swim. God built success into every creation. Without purpose, life has no meaning. Unfortunately, 90 percent of people don’t have ideas about their ability, yet every human being wants to be successful. Your success is important to God, God needs you to succeed in life. Success is important to every manufacturer. The success of a product is necessary to protect a manufacturer’s image. The worst thing for a manufacturer is the failure of a product’.

He told participants “The first thing the creator created in you is His image. The manufacturer said, let us make a product in our image. The first thing God put in you is his image and just like a manufacturer, failure is against God’s plan. I have come with good news from 2020, we are not going to fail again. God has to guarantee your success not because of you, but to protect his own image. This is because, if you fail, his reputation is on the line. God wants you to succeed for His name sake.”

Leaders at the retreat were told “it is quite clear that success has nothing to do with our initial circumstances, adding that “Success in life has nothing to do with where you start. Although those who start advantageously may have a heads-up, this does not determine where they end in life. You have to set clear and written goals for your future, and outline specific plans to accomplish them”

The distinguished administrator and resourceful trainer of leaders stated further that “If you really want to succeed, there are some steps you have to take:

STEP 1Define you purpose: Set your specific goal. You don’t just have to be specific, but be SMART. Those goals need to be constantly evaluated, and the plan readjusted, in order to attain them. We should note that tremendous transformation occurs when we write down our goals.

STEP 2Create a plan: While your goal gives structure to your life, the plan gives it a direction. You need to have a general direction of where you‘re going even though we don’t know all that will happen along the way. Your supreme focus should be on bringing out a step by step roadmap. You should endeavour to get the right team.

STEP 3Positive mental attitude: Understand that on the road to success, there will be difficulties, setback and moments where you question your commitment. (Where you doubt if you are on the right path or not). Elijah, after God used him, was threatened, became afraid,and wanted to give up, so you need positive mental attitude.

STEP 4 Perseverance: Don’t compare yourself with others, you have to be focused. You will lose sight of your own goal when you compare yourself with others. That will promote jealousy and unhealthy competition.

STEP 5 Avoid procrastination: As a Christian be prayerful.”

He encouraged them to take note of the following:

Have a thorough knowledge of people you are working with. Jesus categorised them into three:

1. Shepherd (confidants): These people see your mistake and still love you. Whatever happens they are for you.They want to just do their best to support you.

2. Hirelings: These are the thirty-days-make-one-pay-salary individuals. If they are to resume at a particular time they will be there but don’t go any extra mile. They will neither protect nor destroy. In leadership they are referred to as transactional leaders.

3. Wolves (comrades or labour leaders): They are not for you at all. They are there to fight for people and claim their right. When there is no war they will back out. They remain with you as long as the fight exists.

The trainer par excellence concluded by telling participants “You need to know why some people are with you. If you don’t know, you may be wounded before you know. Many people have been wounded by people they trust, know them before you trust”.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Nosa Owens-Ibie had earlier welcomed leaders to the retreat emphasizing the need to create synergy within Caleb Institutions, tasking participants to come up with solutions and improve workable template. Other facilitators at the retreat are: Mr. Tobe Nnadozie, who spoke on System Building: Internal, External Dynamics, Response Strategies and Tactics, Temitope Arasi handled Best Practice Process, Mrs Phil Maduagwu discussed Human Optimization, Mr. Bola Olayinka dealt with Performance Management while Mrs Adeyinka Adeniyi and Mrs Rebecca Okojie both facilitated case-based discussions and presentations by heads of Caleb institutions