CUL Inaugural Lectures

1st Inaugural Lecture

Title: Communicating an Implosion: Signs and Wonder, Popular Culture and the Crumbling of Empire

Delivered by: Professor Nosa Owens-Ibie – Professor of Communication, Media and Development


2nd Inaugural Lecture

Title: Synergizing the Scalable Complex Adaptive Relationships Between Humans and the Cyberspace

Delivered by: Professor Olumide Babatope Longe FASI, MNCS, MACM,MAENG – Distiguished Fulbright Fellow and Professor of Computer Security


3rd Inaugural Lecture

Title: Rhythms and Riddles of Bank Credits: Synegies and dislocations in Nigeria's Economic Growth

Delivered by: Professor Joseph Olusegun Ajibola FCIB, FICA, FERP,FJoD, MNES, ACTI, LLB, BL - Professor of Economics


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