Department of Quantity Surveying


The vision of the Quantity Surveying programme is to be a high quality training center that adopts innovation in training to produce proactive cost consultants and professionals who combine cost efficiency and value management in construction projects service delivery.


The mission of the Quantity Surveying programme is centered on Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


The aim of the quantity surveying programme is to equip students with sound knowledge and skills to effectively manage the resources of construction project with a view on value for money while emphasizing accountability and probity.


1.    To produce graduates with the requisite theoretical concept of construction cost management and the ability to produce and analyze cost information with a view to applying them in decision making
2.    To provide an effective mix of academic and practical industrial training of students to enhance professionalism
3.    To produce construction cost consultants who will be able to respond to complex project situation in a proactive and reactive manner
4.    To demonstrate the skill and knowledge within a multi-disciplinary construction environment
5.    To inculcate innovative, integrity and ICT proficiency into the training of quantity surveying students.


Dr. P.O. Lawal BSc, MSc Ph.D. Reader

CONDITIONS FOR THE AWARD OF B. Sc. In Quantity Surveying

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Quantity Surveying, a student who was admitted through UTME :

1.    must have accumulated not less than 202 credits units over normal 10 semesters
2.    the 202 credits units must include:
a)    all core courses,
b)    at least thirteen credit units of elective courses
3.    a CGPA not less than 1.50

For a direct entry student, he/she must,

1.    have accumulated not less than 156 credit units over normal 8 semesters
2.    the 156 credits units must include:
c)    all core courses,
d)    at least thirteen credit units of elective courses
3.    a CGPA not less than 1.50

Any student who fails to accumulate the required credit within the stipulated number of semesters may be allowed to spend 2 extra semesters. Thereafter, the student may be asked to withdraw from the university unless senate approves otherwise based on documented extenuating circumstances.

You can download the department course structure and synopsis as {PDF}.

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