Department of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science


To be a leader in producing manpower in mathematics, computer science, statistics and applications relevant to the needs of the society.


To provide opportunities for respectable, qualitative and relevant university education foe regular and mature students, with due recognition of gender sensitivity for good   and balanced societal development


  • to provide for its students an intellectual and technical environment favourable for  the study of mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
  • to produce graduates who will become well-equipped to translate theories into practical’s and applications
  • to prepare students for postgraduate work or study  in various fields of Mathematics, Statistics and computer Science
  • to assist students in developing attitudes which aim to make them become responsible members of the society.
  • to equip the students with the methodology of designing research tools  and interpretation and analysis of results and report writing


  1. to produce professionals in mathematics, statistics and computer science who will be able to apply logic and objectivity in solution of problems of development and growth.
  2. to produce graduate with wide horizon in mathematical sciences and with ability and capacity to offer research and consultancy services to advance societal development
  3. to provide relevant human resources to sustain emerging process of digital technology and confront the challenges of modern technology and information system.
  4. to produce graduates with strong understanding of mechanics of development through exposure to courses in substantive fields in view of the broad-based nature of our programme.

Head of Department

D. I. Adu M.Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D.(Buffalo) Professor and Head of Department
Academic Staff
O.J. Olaoye B.Sc.(Ilorin),M.Sc.(Ibadan) Assistant Lecturer [Full-time]
J. V. Joshua B.Sc (Ogun)., M.Sc.(Lagos) Assistant Lecturer [Full-time]
M.O. Agbaje B.Sc.(Ilorin), PGD (Calabar), M.Sc.(UNAAB) Assistant Lecturer [Full-time]


The Department offers three (3) programmes leading to the award of Bachelor Degrees in –

a.    Computer Science
b.    Mathematics
c.    Statistics

Only candidates with 5 credit passes English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Futher Mathematics.
In accordance with the college philosophy, the three programmes have a common 100 level course structure which is summarised in table 1. All students admitted through UTME to the department must offer all the courses listed in Table 1. Courses to be taken at 200 to 400 levels for computer science, mathematics and Statistics are listed in that order in Table 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

You can view Table 1, 2, 3, and 4 as {PDF} and also the course synopsis for the department. {PDF)

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