COPAS Philosophy & Objectives
The High-points of COPAS philosophical consideration and objectives, which guide the
teaching of the theory and practice of science in COPAS, are:

•    To give students an initial broad training in the core science subjects of
biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. To this end, all curricula
for programmes in the College allow for a minimum of eight (8) units of
each core science subjects at 100 levels

•    To give adequate opportunity for skill acquisition in the use of the
investigative tools of science as an empirical field of study with the
purpose of developing competence in and enthusiasm for the
application of science and technology to solution of relevant societal

•    To allow the exercise of freedom of choice and promote self-realization
and actualization. COPAS curricula have significant flexibility that
allows students to conveniently change programme in similar
discipline at the end of 100 and 200 levels of study.

•    To promote inter-disciplinary orientation and make application of
science to problem solving the goal of the training of the scientists.
Entrepreneurship courses in the College curricula offer the opportunity
for multi-disciplinary projects, which are designed to replicate private
productive sector milieu and focus on social relevance, social
acceptability and service to society.

•    To inculcate in our students the core behavioural attributes- of probity,
hard work, and commitment- of natural scientists in empirical data-
gathering and discipline in data analysis and impeccable integrity in
inferential decision making.

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