Department of Economics


The Department of Economics was established in 2008 and commenced academic work with 25 students .As a basic social and management science, it encompasses the rudiments of courses in those areas and therefore must provide the original and fundamental knowledge associated with it. Subjects in the areas of social and management sciences must be taught and imparted creditably, in consequence a high grade economics department became necessary.
On its own the department provides academic and practical knowledge at a degree level (B.SC Economics) to students in order to prepare them for the task of Economic and industrial management of the nation. Essentially, it seeks to establish efficient and effective governance in establishments, private and public organisation as the basis of its existence as a degree programme.

Philosophy of the Programme

Economics provides the social science foundation for decision-making in industry, commerce, public and private organizations and the household.  The economist is well equipped to cope with change and analyse the effect of change on the society in the fast changing socio-economic, business and political environment.  Caleb University’s Economics graduates are prepared for responsible careers in industry, commerce, public and private organizations and for competition in today’s globalizing world.  They are also trained for graduate studies in academics and the professions.  The B.Sc (Economics) degree from Caleb University provides the graduate with a rich academic foundation that permits flexibility in the development of life-long career in academic, finance, industry, commerce, government and international organizations.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Prepare students for degree in Economics (B.Sc Economics) as a basic contribution to   the nation’s manpower need;
  • Ensure that a soundness, thoroughness, competence and relevance are the fundamental objective focus of its curriculum;
  • Prepare students with practical ability and competence in economic and industrial management.
  • Imbibe the student with the spirit of professionalism and entrepreneurship for self employments.
  • Teach students the relevant skills necessary to achieve the above;
  • Keep the staff focused on research and publications to enable them impact on their students, the society and the international community.

Academic Staff List

Professor Donald N. Ike B. A., M.A., Ph. D. Professor/HOD
Dr. Olumuyiwa Olamade B. A., M.A., Ph. D. Senior Lecturer
Dr. (Mrs) A. T. Odeleye B. A., M.A., Ph. D. Lecturer I
Mr. S.J. Afaha B.Sc. M.Sc. Assistant Lecturer

Admission Requirements

  1. For admission into 100 level, a candidate must possess the senior Secondary School Certificate or equivalent with credits in five subjects at one sitting only. He/she must also have an acceptable score in the joint admission and matriculation examination or its equivalents.
  2. For direct admission into 200 level, a candidate must posses at least two advanced level passes in the west African General Certificate of Education or equivalents in addition to credits in five subject or the Senior Secondary School Certificate or equivalents.
  3. In all cases (i.e. (1) and (2) above) credit in English Language and Mathematics are required.
  4. All candidate seeking admission into the college of social and management science must pass a written or oral interview conducted by the college.

You can download the course structure and the course synopsis as {PDF}.

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