COSOMAS Philosophy & Objectives

COSOMAS Philosophy

The nature of management education is eclectic. As a result, the College philosophy is to provide a balanced management education that combines intellectual development and ethical standards with the appropriate professional skills for establishing or managing organisations and resources in the most efficient manner to achieve organisational objectives.

COSOMAS Objectives

In specific terms, the philosophy enunciated above will be implemented through the development of innovative curricula which are designed to achieve the following objectives.

To train highly-skilled professional management manpower imbued with the highest level of ethical standards of behaviour, transparency, and accountability.

To provide, through innovative curriculum and teaching methods, graduates who are able to apply theoretical knowledge and principles to live organisational management problems.   

To produce graduates who are imbued with the spirit of entrepreneurship that encourages self-employment and job creation through the translation of latent opportunities in the environment into productive business organisation.

To inculcate in students the spirit of life-long learning and self-improvement

To inspire students for deeper knowledge in their areas of interest through higher education thereby making them not just consumers of extant knowledge but also potential contributors to knowledge.

To make student proficient in another foreign language (currently French) to enhance their global employability and career advancement.

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